Swimmig Robot!

A swimming robot made a 16,668 kilometer trip from San Fricisco to Australia. It broke a recod by going that far. It took over 1 year to make it to the destionation it was sopposed to go. Liquid Robotics was the company in charge of the project. The perpose of the Robot was to colect the tempature, salinity, and ecosystem of the Pacific ocean. The type of robot it was, was called PacX Wave Glider.

The Liquid Robotics company decided to call it Papa Mau after the late Micronesian navigator Pius “Mau” Piailug. He had a reputation to navigate through the seas without using the usial equpment.

This is not the only robot though. They still have 3 more of them. One is going to Australia and the other two a going to Japan. One of the two robots got dammeged so it has to go to Hawaii to get fixed.

This was a cool peice for me to right about. I thought it was a realy cool storry also. I would like to write about something like this again because I realy liked it.

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Most expensive lego brick

There is a 14 carott gold lego brick out there. It is said to be the most expencive lego brick there is. It is in a e-store that sells collecter lego sets. The lgo brick is also the size of an everyday sized lego brick. It is for sale for $14.450 dollers. It is made of pure gold and that is why it is so expencive. It weighs 0.8246 troy ounce.

From about 1979-1981, select business and Lego employees,( about 2 per year) that had woked for about 25 years at the lego brick building commpany in Hohenwestedt Germany, recived one as an anniversary gift.

The lego brick comes in a finger ring sized box with a velvit inside with the lego brick inside of it.

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